Use American Government to Screen Craigslist Blind Dates During Airport Layovers

airport-loveFact #1: There’s tremendous fun to be had by meeting new and interesting love interests online and well documented success stories, even including marriage.

Fact #2: These days airport layovers can be extremely long and annoying affairs.

Combine with a liberal dash of social media and you have the makings for a perfect blind date! Use Government TSA airport security (Transportation Security Administration) to screen your blind dates for free!

Absent a personal security force, the risks inherint with meeting strangers by way of social media sites like Craigslist outweigh the thrill for most. Though the vast majority of social media dating connections probably do not stem from murderous motivations, one certainly has to be wary.

Prearrange exciting social liaisons on Craigslist, Yahoo Personals and other dating sites, even with strangers during long layovers, knowing full well that they have been screened for weapons and subject to eyewitness scrutiny including federal marshals, state police and even military personnel.

It’s an anonymous blind date dream come true! Airports have great shopping, bars, area for nice long indoor walks, wide assortments of restaurants, movies to rent, Internet access and tons of coffee shops.

You just don’t read about many assaults which take place behind airport security. A dangerous blind date would have to possess a terrorist’s cunning to consummate bad intentions. Nobody is completely safe anywhere but historicly once you get behind security airports are pretty much cool.

Everything a Blind Date Needs + Peace of Mind
I know a person who have even arranged to meet a “casual encounters” someone on Craigslist once they were already at the Detroit airport. This charming 55 year old drop-dead gorgeous lady executive from Chicago had Pad Thai and Fume Blanc with a colorful gent from Louisville after she placed an ad on her laptop he answered from his iPhone. To this day they have a light email relationship.

Rules of Engagement
Be respectful by prearranging email or text message communication in case of flight delay or cancellation. Another option if you are not quite ready to give up your actual identity, is to only apprise the other person of your flight number so they can track your arrival status. Ahead of time discuss what you are going to wear for identification purposes. Make sure that either party knows that they can respectfully opt-out on sight if the chemistry is just not there.

Personal Security First
Though you have United States government anti-terrorist airport screeners on your side for protection while AT the airport, don’t be foolish. Stay in public and don’t try to score “alone time.” There is safty in numbers. As with any online dating, people may attempt to fool you so be wary of further interactions outside the blanket of TSA security.

There are plenty of commercial background check services available. Using one is before meeting again outside of TSA screening is the best-practice. There is no need to give your actual email address, phone number, or anything other than first name. Most folks get a dedicated Gmail or Yahoo email account to use, prior to sharing their actual information.

Sounds Like Fun Doesn’t It?
Kill 2 birds with one stone: safely meet interesting people for fun blind dates and quickly pass those long layover hours. Be responsible, respectful, and simply use TSA to screen your blind date. Here’s a list of resources regarding safety when hooking up with a stranger on social media sites:

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  1. Leo Says:

    Sounds like a lot of work for a small possibility

  2. Sarah Says:

    It’s not too much work and I’ve had some great dates from it. Granted there are quite a few of weirdos out there, but I guess thats life right? I’ve actually had less ‘freaky’ occurrences using (similar to CL), but I dont’ know, whatever fits the bill right?


  3. Phil Barnhart Says:

    Really gives a new twist to the “Mile High Club” – unless you run into Larry Craig!

    Phil Barnharts last blog post..BizAid Austin and a Simple Thing, Poorly Executed