Halloween Vacation Ideas

Visiting a ghost town could add excitement to Halloween.

Halloween – this spooky festival is one we all love, so why not plan a trip to make the most of the Halloween weekend? It’s one way to make sure you have a spooktacularly good time. (Sorry; I couldn’t resist). As with any trip, it’s important to do your research in advance. There are Halloween events all around the country, so you need to think about what kind of Halloween vacation you want. Here are a couple of ideas.

Haunted Houses

One option to get you in the mood is a haunted house. There are dozens of these around the country, each with a ghost story to go with it. For some reason, many of the most famous haunted buildings are hotels, so you might be able to combine accommodation with a spine chilling Halloween adventure. Check out this listing of the top ten haunted hotels to get started. If you don’t mind international travel, then Sherman’s Travel has a list of top ten places to get spooked on Halloween.

Halloween Shows

Another option for the scary season is to take in a Halloween show. One place offering a ‘gory getaway’ is Universal Orlando, which is featuring Halloween Horror Nights. You can see magic, a live tribute to the Rocky Horror Picture Show and Bill and Ted’s Excellent Halloween Adventure. Haunted houses, monsters and maniacs are all available at this show which has had rave reviews from critics. It’s too late for an advance booking, but there are four more nights of shows.

Ghost Towns

You may not be scared witless, but you may feel uncomfortable when visiting a ghost town. Desolation and doom are the order of the day, when you walk through an abandoned town. Some of those towns are not just abandoned, but full of spirits (and I don’t mean whisky), such as Virginia City in Montana, which is famous for its paranormal activity. If you’re looking for a ghost town to visit, try AskMen’s top ten list. There are also some more abandoned cities on the WebUrbanist site.

Hunting For Hauntings

You can also spend part of your Halloween vacation touring the places where the ghosts hang out. Haunt World has a map where you can search for spooky places in each state and find the haunted locations closest to you. Haunted America Tours also offers a wealth of information on Halloween and hauntings, including the fact that the Halloween season is getting longer and longer, with some venues starting their events as early as September. Finally, check out Budget Travel’s list of spooky walking tours – there’s bound to be something there to make your spine tingle.

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  1. Jenn Hollowell Says:

    I *really* want to visit some of the Haunted Houses in Maine… but I’m too chicken! :)

    Jenn Hollowells last blog post..Birthday Business: Filling My Idea File

  2. Sharon Hurley Hall Says:

    That would be a great place to visit haunted houses, Jenn. There’s probably a good reason Stephen King set many of his books there.

  3. Planning Your Halloween Vacation | The Eclectic Rebel Blog and Travel Guide Says:

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  4. Accommodation Parks Says:

    Do a search for ghost tours + and your area, a lot of cities have ghost or haunted city tours that will walk you around late at night – which adds to the atmosphere. They are quite fun.