Reflections On A Year Of Travel Blogging

It’s been just over a year since I officially became a travel blogger here on the Taking Off Travel Blog, the travel blog belonging to off airport parking firm, Park Ride Fly USA. Sure, I’d blogged about travel before and had written travel articles too, but it wasn’t a regular occupation as it is now.

During the year, I have kept an eye on popular posts and comments, thanks to a couple of great analytics tools, and have learned a few things about what the Taking Off Travel Blog readers like.

It Never Hurts To Rant

You might think that when blogging for an organization you would need to keep things meek and mild to avoid offending anyone. But here on TOTB, it’s clear that readers appreciate it when you take a position on an issue of interest. My evidence: Three Travel Trends That Tick Me Off, a post I wrote when I was feeling particularly annoyed about one travel experience.

Keep It Topical

If you can manage to keep your travel blog topical – sometimes a challenge when you update twice a week – then more people will be interested in what you say. My evidence: Would You Work For Free To Save Your Company?, a post on one of British Airways’ schemes to stop money from sliding down the drain. Didn’t quite work, did it?

Travel Tools Rock

Everyone is interested in how to better the travel experience, so if you can keep on top of tools to do that, then people want to know more. My evidence: The Best iPhone Apps For Travelers, which is exactly what it says. Some of those apps are almost good enough for me to want to get an iPhone.

Share The Love

It never hurts to link to other sites you have found useful. I regularly do a roundup of interesting posts on other travel blogs, but one of our most popular posts ever is Six Travel Bloggers You Should Follow On Twitter, where I give kudos to the people I’ve connected with during this travel blogging stint.

Get Personal

Everyone knows that occasionally I’m going to post an article on offsite airport parking, but the posts you respond to best are the ones where I talk about my actual travel experiences – hardly a big surprise. My evidence: My Favorite Florida Eatery, though really I could pick posts on any of my trips this year to Cancun, Chicago and other places.

That’s what I think; now it’s over to you. What have you enjoyed most on this blog? What would you like to see more of?

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