Traveling The Blogosphere – February 2010

It’s been a busy month for us here on Park Ride Fly USA. We’ve been getting more active on sites like Facebook and Friendfeed and we’ve begun stumbling our favourite sites on StumbleUpon. That means that we for even more great posts for this edition of  our occasional Traveling The Blogosphere blog carnival (last edition here). Read on and enjoy!

Volunteering and Seeing the World on the Sharing Travel Experiences blog. Lillie talks about an extended trip around the world featuring learning, laughter, liberty and love. She says:

Travel is about love of humanity, love of one’s inner self, and (for a solo gal like me) an underlying quest for what future long-term love could and should look like.

The rest of the interview is well worth reading.

It’s OK To Hate Some Places on the Fox Nomad blog explodes the myth that you have to love everywhere you travel to. As Anil points out:

You’ll end up finding that the things you don’t like say more about you than anything else. Whether its the cleanliness, people, or food you can’t stand it’s all about you.

This post really struck a chord with many people as there are around 30 comments.

The Travel section of has an informational post on The Most Expensive Airports in the U.S. Alabama boasts the most expensive airport, while New Jersey has the cheapest. The original post includes average flight prices and other useful contextual information.

Not a post, but a list, something else that caught my eye this month was a list of the wonders of the world – ancient, medieval, modern, natural, underwater and more. Each link takes you to more information on the sight (or site). One of the most interesting parts of the list is the section on the forgotten wonders – see how many you remember.

The Solo Traveler Blog has a guest post from one of my favorite travel people, Andy Hayes on Why I Travel Solo. There are some great reasons for traveling alone, including:

when I travel I like to soak up the experience. Notice the details. Feel something – the sounds, the taste, the smell. As a solo traveler, you can give your undivided attention to the experience.

Read the other reasons in the original post.

On Roaming Tales, Caitlin posts an open letter to the airlines: Dear Airlines: Humans come in all shapes and sizes. She says:

If you … want to be in the passenger airline business, then you need to quit treating humans as if they were standard-size freight. All paying customers have an equal right to fly, not just thin ones.

Caitlin makes some great points in this letter.

Finally, there’s an inspiring post from Corbett Barr on Free Pursuits, titled At What Age is it Hardest to Radically Change Your Life? Corbett says:

Are most of the people pursuing lifestyle design really that young? It could be that the people talking about lifestyle design are younger, but in fact plenty of “older people” are also trying to radically change their lives too.

Lots of food for thought in this one. We’ll be back with a new edition next month. Happy reading!

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  1. Anil Says:

    Thanks very much for the link and pointing out these other great posts, much appreciated :)

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