Friday Five – 1 July 2011

It’s time for another edition of Friday Five – five posts or articles which the Park Ride Fly USA team thought were worth reading, tweeting and sharing.

First, three for the price of one – Soultravelers3′s ongoing series on raising a bilingual child. This interested me because I speak a couple of languages myself and have many friends who are bilingual or trilingual and are raising their kids to be the same. What makes this series interesting is that this child’s parents are more or less monolingual (but working on it).

How to Raise a Bilingual or Multi-lingual Child Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.

Next up, The Anatomy of a Burnout on the Almost Fearless blog. This post tells the story of a personal experience of travel burnout:

Everyone gets burned out eventually, it’s just a fact of life —  travel is demanding physically and emotionally.  You just need a little time to decompress.

It’s a good read.

Third, we’re talking luggage with What’s Important When Choosing Travel Luggage? A Lightweight Carryon Review on one of my favorite travel blogs, Sharing Travel Experiences. Andy gives tips on what to look for when choosing luggage and shares one of his best finds after an extensive road test.

Fourth, Chris Elliott introduces us to his choice of the 11 best new travel blogs of 2011. I’m always happy to discover new travel blogs, so this was a good find. Also, readers have voted for their top choice, which is an interesting addition.

Fifth and last this week, a Lifehacker post titled How to Avoid Getting Screwed When You’re A Tourist. This article has simple tips that can make your trips more secure, including how to shield your passport from prying digital eyes. Definitely worth a read. Enjoy!

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