Inside Cleveland International Airport (CLE)

Cleveland Hopkins International Airport (CLE) was founded in 1925 and was America’s first municipal airport. Used as a stop for US Air Mail planes crossing the country, it soon became more important for commercial and passenger traffic. The airport has been a pioneer in airport technology, implementing the world’s first radio-equipped air traffic control tower and the first airfield lighting system in the US. In 1968, it also became the first airport to be connected to a local/regional transit system. Amelia Earhart and Charles Lindbergh visited the airport regularly.

Inside Cleveland International Airport (CLE)

CLE Airport Today

Today, the airport is Ohio’s busiest with annual passenger traffic of 11 million (9.5 million in 2010). Only 12 miles from downtown Cleveland, the airport is no more than 500 miles away from 43% of people in the US. The airport, which has 4 concourses, has about 250 daily non-stop flights to 74 destinations and is a hub both for Continental Airlines and the Star Airline Alliance. Other air carriers include Air Canada Jazz, American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Frontier Airlines, Southwest Airlines, United Airlines, USA 3000 and US Airways. The airport is known for having relatively few closures, as its snow removal team is very efficient.

CLE Airport Parking and Services

The airport includes a USO Lounge, named after Bob Hope, for military personnel and their families; a pet relief area; an interfaith center; shopping and restaurants. Click here for a terminal map. Taxis, limos, shuttles, rental cars and connections to public transit are easily available. Park Ride Fly USA provides Cleveland airport parking through Park N Fly.

Things to Do Near CLE Airport

If you’re looking for things to do when visiting Cleveland, there’s plenty to choose from nearby. Here’s a selection of Cleveland attractions:

Image: George William Herbert/ Wikimedia Commons

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