Flying With The Family – A Few Tips

http://www.parkrideflyusa.comFlying over the holidays with the family?  Sometimes that isn’t so fun but we’re here to help you make those trips through the airport and on the plane more enjoyable with a few tips.

Rather than packing a ton of diapers, baby food for the week, baby wipe containers, and other necessities, ship them ahead of your arrival.  Or, just wait until you get to your destination and purchase any necessary items then.  Even though you cannot carry liquid or gels in large quantities through security checks, you can purchase water at the airport for any powdered milk or juices your baby or toddler may need.  And, bring lots of snacks.  We all know how expensive those nibbles can be when purchased on-board!

Airlines have made it more difficult to get adjacent seats for your entire family.  One way to try to move around before the flight is to check with the airline website a few days before your flight.  Travelers may have upgraded to better seats, changed flights, or switched seats.  You may get lucky and can grab the desired number of seats together before arriving at the gate.  When you check in at the airport, you may be able to switch a few seat assignments, as well.

If your child hasn’t flown before or was too young to remember, you may want to explain what happens when he will go through the security point.  He may be more willing to put his favorite toy or blanket in a bin and have it go through the scanner (or picture taker) if the procedure has already been thoroughly discussed.  You may want to put your items in the bin first, so he understands that if his parent is willing to do this, it must be OK.  And, besides, he will get his items back once he goes through the “magic door.” A little preparation may prevent major meltdowns later in the security checkpoint.

For a more hands-free travel, try purchasing a few carabiners to clip small toys, jackets, and even drinking cups on your (and your child’s) backpack.  This may help in not losing items, and more importantly, leave your hands free to hold onto your child.  Dress your child in comfortable clothes.  After all, if they are in their most comfy outfits, that will help with the unfamiliar surroundings of the airport and airplane.

If you have the luxury of picking exactly when you can travel, you may wish to take part of your trip during your kid’s scheduled sleep times.  Put her in her jammies, her blanket and teddy bear and maybe she will catch a few hours of blissful sleep for both of you.  For your carry-on bag with the extra emergency clothes, pack them in plastic bags so you can put the soiled items in the plastic bags.  You will be glad you did!

Stash a few surprises in your bag for the kids.  This will work great when your son or daughter starts to become bored or whiny.  Who doesn’t love a good surprise now and then.  A little planning ahead and preparing for things you know will happen will make your stress and trip a lot happier.

To also cut down on preflight stress, check out our airport parking lots listed on ParkRideFlyUSA.  With lots at every major U.S. airport, we’re sure you will find one near you.  Our vendors offer great rates, guaranteed parking spaces, and a trip to and from the airport terminal.  Need help with your luggage, no problem.  The drivers and attendants are glad to assist.  Just arrive a few minutes before you wish to be at the terminal and we will whisk you away to board your flight.  Upon your return, we’ll take you back to the lot and you will be on your way.  We hope to see you soon.


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