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What was your first SMS message? The very first text message from a personal computer to a cell phone was “Merry Christmas” sent on December 3, 1992.  From there, text messaging, SMS, short messaging system, or texting has emerged to become the most widely popular service, with over 80% of Americans texting daily.

SMS has gone far beyond just texting to family or friends.  A user can now place orders, check bank balances, receive alerts, and let the off airport parking lot that your plane has landed!  However, texting has also been credited with saving lives from people in dangerous situations to advisory weather alerts.

In fact, texting to rural health clinics in third world countries has assisted in helping monitor supplies and any sickness outbreaks. Texting has helped bring in crucial medical supplies during times of crisis such as floods, tsunamis, avalanches, and other natural disasters.

Here a ParkRideFlyUSA.com many of our vendors use a text service to provide information on where to board the shuttle at the airport, you can notify them of your arrival, and most likely be able to pay your bill all via text/cellphone at some point.  The options are limitless.  And to think it all started with “Merry Christmas.”

For more information regarding off-aiport parking, please check out our website at ParkRideFlyUSA.com.  Our vendors offer guaranteed parking spaces at a great rate.  Book early fo ryour travel plans to ensure you have a space for the upcoming holidays.  You will be glad that you did.

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