New Year Resolution – Travel More! Top 5 U.S. Spots

New Year – New Year Resolutions.  Every year, I go through this.  Then, I say “bah.”  So, this year, I thought that possibly my resolutions are just too boring.  So, I did some research on what were some of the more popular resolutions.  They are:

  • Eat Healthy Food
  • More Education
  • Get A Better Job
  • Lose Weight/Get Fit/Drink Less Alcohol
  • Quit Smoking
  • Save Money/Pay Off Debt
  • Travel

Near the Art Institute in Chicago. Had a great...

To be honest, those all are great ideas.  I mean, who doesn’t want to be thinner, happier, have a job that pays you great wages (with less stress) as you get a higher degree.  However, my favorite resolution is MORE TRAVEL!

I was a lucky kid.  Our parents would take us on road trips throughout the United States.  Even as an adult, I have been fortunate enough to travel on my own to several states, as well as Canada, Mexico, and a three week stint in India.  So, I decided for my New Year’s Resolution, I will travel more.  I’ve complied a list of the top five spots on my list to see in the United States.

  1. Chicago, Illinois – The Windy City.  From the Chicago Art Institute, to the Museum of Science and Industry, to the John Hancock Observatory, Chicago offers a whole “lotta” stuff.  I’ve been to Chicago several times and one of the “must do” things on your list should be an architecture tour via tour boat.  Known for several boat tours, motoring along the Chicago River  past Wrigley Field and other landmark buildings, Chicago shows one of its best features.  With some of the best pizzerias and other excellent restaurants, you’ll not want for food.  Be sure to take a walk down the Magnificent Mile and go out and ride the Ferris Wheel at the Navy Pier.
  2. New Orleans, LA – Home of the 2013 Super Bowl XLVII.  If you have never been to a Super Bowl, or even just visit the entertainment that accompanies the Super Bowl you should give it a try.  Hosting its 10th Super Bowl, all the stops are out to trump Indy’s triumphant Super Bowl Village debut last year.  This year, New Orleans will have a Super Bowl Boulevard which will have four days of music, food, interactive fan events and national television broadcasts.  Add all this to the natural draw of Mardis Gras, Bourbon Street and the French Quarter and New Orleans will be one of the hottest places to go in 2013
  3. Washington D.C. – One of the very best times to go to Washington D.C. is during the Cherry Blossom Festival.  This year it will span from March 20 – April 14.  Tokyo Japan gifted 3,000 cherry trees to Washington D.C. in 1912 as a gesture of friendship.  The Cherry Blossom Festival is filled with exhibits, Japanese artwork, food and drink, parade and a ton of family activities.
  4. Maui, Hawaii – If you want to go to paradise, take a trip to Hawaii.  The minute you land in Hawaii the stress seems to just stay on the plane.  If you choose to land on Maui, you can watch the sunrise from Haleakala National Park, grab a nice meal at Mama’s Fish House, but mostly relax on the beaches! One of the high points of your trip should be a submarine cruise to explore the life a few feet under the ocean.  Artists will never be able to replicate the colors that nature paints on Maui.
  5. Times Square, NYC – Just the energy that courses through this area alone should get  you through the rest of your vacation.  Whether you go during the summer, fall, or even New Year’s Eve, Times Square is the destination you should try to fit in during your travel.  Most likely one of the most visually stimulating man-made areas of the world, you are in the heart of the City.  Food and drink readily available and many photo-ops just feet from each other, Broadway Street between 42nd and 47th Streets is just invigorating.

No matter where you travel, be sure to check out ParkRideFlyUSA for your airport parking.  We have vendors at every major U.S. airport.  By reserving your parking space ahead of time, you will have the peace of mind knowing you have a guaranteed parking space at a great price.  You’ll receive transportation to and from the airport terminal, assistance with your luggage.  So, make your New Year Resolution with me.  Let’s all travel more!

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