How Last Minute Travel is Becoming Cheaper During the Economic Crisis

Mediterranean Sea

Mediterranean Sea (Photo credit: AudreyH)

Late booking deals have been a great way for saving money on trips, but now as we’ve entered this severe global economic crisis, new  budget travel opportunities have emerged.

According to Last Minute Spider (portal specialized in late travel-related opportunities), if we are ingenious enough we can save even more by benefiting from the crisis.  Yes, you heard that right!  The economic crisis can help you save money, as strange as that my sound!  It’s sort of an adverse effect: due to the crisis, the travel industry has been hard-hit.  Especially in Mediterranean Europe, but also in the USA, the travel agents have suffered tremendously.

Lower number of tourists means one very important thing:  lower income to the agents.  And what do they normally do in this case?  They lower prices!

According to, it’s a lot cheaper to travel to Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal, the USA and several other locations because of the crisis.

While last minute offers are still “trendy,” the crisis-induced price-cuts will make your travels even more affordable.  You won’t save much if you travel to Southeast Asia, but Mediterranean and Southern Europe has become a lot cheaper.  Especially hotels, resorts and tour operators are cutting rates in order to cope with the losses.

It’s not so much in the case of airlines.  Fuel prices are up so airfares have went up instead of down.  But, focus on countries and regions heavily hit by the crisis and shrink your expenses by saving on accommodation,  tours and other local services.

Good luck and have enjoyable and cheap trips!

Today’s post was by guest blogger Jim at Spark Junction



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  1. James Ward Says:

    Interesting… I have to travel a lot across Australia. I would see if i could get anything cheaper here.