5 Tips for Enjoying a Luxury Las Vegas Vacation for Less

http://www.parkrideflyusa.comThink a trip to Las Vegas is out of your budget? Think again! Although Vegas is a city that exudes opulence and wealth, you can easily enjoy all that Sin City has to offer on a strict budget.  Amazing deals are available virtually all year round in Las Vegas, but there’s also some sneaky insider tips that you can use to get the most value out of every buck.

Here are 5 of the very best money-saving tactics:

  1. Stay Off the Strip  Staying at a hotel on the Strip may be convenient, but it’s also likely to burn a big hole in your wallet. You can save a ton of money by opting to stay at one of the many off-the Strip hotels or resorts, which are every bit as nice as their counterparts on Las Vegas Boulevard, but far more affordable. A wide variety of off-Strip hotels provide phenomenally affordable room rates, and some of them are even surprisingly luxurious. While you may have to get a cab or take a shuttle to get to the Strip from one of these locations, the money you save from booking off Strip will more than make up for those minimal costs.
  1. Score Free Drinks  If you’ve come to Vegas to party – don’t waste your money on buying drinks! Cocktail waitresses at virtually every casino in Vegas are more than willing to provide you with free alcohol as long as you’re on the gaming floor and appear to be gambling. Although you’re expected to tip a dollar (at least) for each drink you get, you can still save a huge amount of money on your booze by avoiding paying the typically high prices of alcohol in bars and clubs throughout Sin City. Even if you don’t feel like hanging out on the gaming floor to get free drinks, you could still save a lot by pre-partying in your hotel room with alcohol bought from a local drug or liquor store. Vegas is pretty much synonymous with alcohol, but that doesn’t mean that you need to spend a ton of money on it to enjoy yourself.
  1. Get Discounted Show Tickets  There really is no need to pay full price for show tickets in Vegas, as you can find discounted tickets online or by visiting one of the many discount ticket booths lining the Strip. Here you’ll find same-night-of tickets for many of the major Vegas shows, usually at dramatically reduced prices. While it’s harder to plan for, and you may have to have a flexible schedule to take advantage of the reduced rates, the savings are more than worth the sacrifice. Vegas entertainment definitely looks pricey on the outset, but if you know when and where to get the good deals, you can see the same awesome shows for a far better price.
  1. Use Restaurant Coupons  Don’t ignore the coupon books you’ll find stuffed into the back seat of taxis or located in your hotel room. These are likely full of valuable restaurant coupons! Restaurants can be very expensive in Vegas, especially as the Strip features some of the most highly rated restaurants in the world, but you can save a ton of cash by utilizing coupons. Even some of the most expensive, most well-known restaurants in Vegas dole out coupons to reduce their asking prices, so be sure to snoop around a bit before making those reservations. Coupon use is commonplace in Vegas so don’t feel ashamed to whip out a coupon next time you dine out.
  1. Get on a Guest List  Want to go clubbing in Vegas but don’t want to pay the entry fees? Try to get yourself put on a guest list, which really isn’t all that difficult in Sin City. Guest lists will often allow you to enter the club for free or at special discounted rates, so they’re definitely worth pursuing. You may be able to get on the guest list via the club’s website or by contacting a club promoter once you’re in Vegas. You can usually find promoters hanging around outside night clubs during the daytime, or, if you’re traveling with a group of females, you may even be approached by one or more of them. While there’s certainly no guarantee that you can get on one of these lists, it’s more than worth exploring, especially if clubbing is your thing.

An amazing stay in Las Vegas doesn’t have to cost you a small fortune. In fact, you can enjoy a show, fancy meal, alcohol and clubbing all at a discounted rate if you’re prepared to use the above insider tips. Have fun in this city of sin, but please do remember that what happens in Vegas often ends up on Facebook!


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