Traveling With The Kids -10 Must Do Tips

Spring break is almost here, and you are traveling with the kids.  We have 10 must do tips to make everyone’s life bearable while you are out on the road.  There’s no reason why everyone can’t have a great time on the next vacation.

  1. If your travel plans include long plane rides, you may just want to dress your kids on some comfy one piece pajamas.  They can wear their tennis shoes over the footies of the jammies, and  they feel nice and comfy on the plane.  Plus, if they do have an accident, it’s much easier to change a single item of clothing rather than a whole outfit.
  2. Feed your kids before they get on the plane.  Fed children tend to behave a bit more, and may actually sleep if they have a meal before they board the plane.
  3. Split some time with the kids between Mom and Dad.  Going to the pool with Dad can leave Mom some time to relax and feel like she’s on a vacation.  Alternatively, Mom can take the kids to a museum and Dad can catch up on his book at the beach.
  4. If you are going to be laden down with a lot of luggage and you cannot scale down further, consider sending some to your destination ahead of schedule.  Your bags can be waiting on you when you arrive.  Alternatively, I have shipped home things from a trip that I didn’t want to tote through and airport and plane.
  5. Small wrapped gifts to present to the children in case they start to unravel on the plane or car trip.  A few inexpensive surprises may just be the lifesaver on a flight.  Small trucks, plastic animals, finger puppets may be the best diversion.
  6. Try to keep to the same schedule as you have at home.  This will make to happier kids, and in turn, a happier you.  If you completely disrupt their sleep pattern day after day, it will just make everyone cranky.
  7. Go off the beaten path.  Sometimes it pays to take a side trip.  I’ve often take a few side trips and found that it was the best part of the entire vacation.  We all love to view the world’s biggest ketchup bottle, right?
  8. Ask your kids what they may like to do on  your vacation.  Not only does it give them a sense of being included in decision making, but they may bring up a good idea that you never even considered.
  9. Be prepared to be spontaneous.  I know that sounds like an oxymoron, but sometimes just going with the flow will make your trip easier and your family happier.  Isn’t that what the vacation was supposed to be for?  Relaxation?
  10. Bring a sense of humor.  No matter how irritating, aggravating, and/or annoying your kids can be, there are times they make you laugh.  To find humor in the smallest things will lighten the mood, and save your trip.

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