March Madness Little Known Fun Facts

http://www.parkrideflyusa.comWhile watching the games on Thursday, I came up with a list of March Madness Little known fun facts to dazzle everyone at the next party.  I love basketball, and wanted to find some things that I didn’t know already.

  • Out of teams that were invited this year, Kansas has the most consecutive appearances in the NCAA Division 1 Tournament at 24 (1990-2013). Duke has 18 (1996 – 2013). Michigan State 16 (1998 – 2013). Wisconsin 15 (1999-2013). Gonzaga (Remember their first trip and no one knew how to say their name?) 15 (1999-2013)
  •  The PAC 10 has the most NCAA Division 1 Championships for basketball with 15.
  • The UCLA Bruins have several NCAA records, including
    • 11 NCAA titles
    • 7 Consecutive NCAA titles (1967-1973)
    • 18 Final Four appearances
    • 4 Undefeated Seasons 1964, 1967, 1972, 1973
    • 54 Consecutive Winning Seasons (1949-2002)
  • The NCAA tournament is in its 75th year.
  • Only 7 teams have won the tournament more than twice in its entire history.
  • Florida Gulf Coast is appearing for its very first time in the NCAA tournament 2013.  It’s the #15 seed. It is also the lowest seed to advance to the Sweet 16.
  • Kentucky, the 2012 winner, was not even invited even though eligible.
  • No Texas team was invited.
  • Kansas City and Dayton, OH has hosted the most tournament games.
  • The last time the Final Four was held on the West Coast was in Seattle, Washington in 1995.
  • NCAA Headquarters is locating in Indianapolis, IN.
  • Arlington, Texas will host the Final Four in 2014.

If you have some to add, let me know!


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