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Social Media Hangouts For Park Ride Fly USA

  • Posted by Sharon Hurley Hall
  • March 11th 2010

Today I wanted to share with you some of the new places where Park Ride Fly USA will be hanging out online from now on. They’re not really that new but we are new to using them, at least in this incarnation. You already know how to find us on Twitter (big shout out to all our followers) which is where we’re most active at the moment.

But if you prefer to spend your online time on other sites there are a few new places where you can also connect with us. (By the way, I’m not using the ‘royal we’ — other people from the company may make an input from time to time.) On most sites you can find us as either Sharon at PRF (that’s me), parkrideflyusa or parkridefly.

One new place where we are happy to be is on Facebook where we have a brand new page. On our Park Ride Fly USA Facebook page we are sharing a few of the articles, posts and resources we find useful. I am happy to say that it’s not just going to be a rehash of our Twitter stream — our Facebook page will include items that we don’t share anywhere else. And once we’ve built up a community we hope to use that page to have more in-depth discussions about travel related issues.

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Facebook For Travelers – Part 2

  • Posted by Sharon Hurley Hall
  • September 1st 2009
Facebook logo

Facebook logo

Back in January I looked at some of the key Facebook applications for travelers. Since then, I’ve continued to explore Facebook in search of groups and pages related to travel. There are literally hundreds of each, so I’m not going to make any claims to be objective or comprehensive in my selection. However, here are some that caught my eye.


Soultravelers3 is among my favorite travel bloggers on Twitter, so it’s no surprise that the Facebook group is also a fun place to be. Run by Jeanne Dee, the group, like the blog and Twitter account, follows the adventures of a family of three on “an open ended, multi year trip around the world”.

I Wanna Travel The World

The I wanna travel the world group appeals for similar reasons. It’s worth browsing the forum, skating past the plugs from obvious spammers and looking for the gems, such as posts on eco tourism or finding a travel partner.

Open Travel

Moving on to some interesting Facebook travel pages, I was struck by the Open Travel fan page. It accompanies the site by the same name which features travel experiences from real travelers. The fan page is worth following for the excellent photos alone, though you could just subscribe to the blog. Read more »

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Facebook Applications For Travelers

  • Posted by Sharon Hurley Hall
  • January 6th 2009

Facebook is big among mobile users. What’s not to like? There are loads of applications you can use for almost every aspect of your business, whether you think Facebook is a proper business tool or not. But what about travelers? How can they use Facebook to help them plan their trips more effectively and have more fun when they travel? Here’s a round up of some of the most used Facebook apps for travel.

Cities I’ve Visited helps you create an interactive map of the cities and towns you have visited. Available in several languages, this application comes from TripAdvisor. All you do is add a pin to a city you have been to and you can get an at-a-glance view of your business travel trips. An alternative that’s more focused on the US and Canada is Where I’ve Been.

If you think you know everything about the places you have visited, then take the TravelPod Traveler IQ Challenge. To play you’ll need to pick where famous places are located. You’ve got to move fast to get a high Traveler IQ. You may not get much choice about business trips, but you can choose where to go on holiday. Find out what your choices reveal about your personality with Travel Brain. You can share reviews and tips with your friends too. Read more »

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