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Sharing Travel Experiences – A Review

  • Posted by Sharon Hurley Hall
  • November 17th 2009

One of the travel blogs I’ve been enjoying recently is Sharing Travel Experiences. The recently rebranded site takes a different approach to travel and has some unique features. The site is owned by Andy Hayes, better known as the travel guy who’s active on the Matador Network. (I recently recommended him in Seven More Travel Bloggers You Should Follow On Twitter.)

About Sharing Travel Experiences

Here’s what he says about the site’s name:

“We’re a tight-knit community of people passionate about learning more about the world and exploring it, both from our armchairs and up close in person.”

That community also includes Alex Fayle, Donna and Dee Anne, and there are regular contributions from guest posters.

Search For A Travel Experience

One of the best bits of the site Read more »

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Build Travel Packs With Planet Eye

  • Posted by Sharon Hurley Hall
  • July 28th 2009

While doing the rounds of some travel blogs, I came across PlanetEye. It aims to be a trip planning service with a difference, incorporating editorial content on destinations with useful information and help with bookings. I decided to put it to the test.

Planet Eye screenshot

Planet Eye screenshot

Setup And First Steps

Getting set up was easy, but I hit my first snag when trying to create a travel pack for a forthcoming trip to Hollywood, Florida. You get the chance to add destinations, but of the handful of Hollywoods I was offered, I couldn’t tell which one was in Florida. So I created an empty travel pack, and added Florida as my destination, hoping that I would get the chance to specify later. Sure enough, I was able to find my exact destination on the map, but I couldn’t find a way to save it as part of my travel pack. Read more »

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Great Meals Every Time – Where The Locals Eat

  • Posted by Sharon Hurley Hall
  • February 5th 2009



Where The Locals Eat

Where The Locals Eat

There’s nothing worse than heading to a new city on business, arriving late at night and wondering where to go for a good meal. I should know. I once went on a business trip to Spain and by the time I had got my bags and found a taxi to my hotel, it was already nearly midnight. I know the Spanish eat late, but the local kitchens were closed and I found myself at the Spanish version of Mickey Ds – not what I wanted after a long trip. The next day, I was prepared and I asked the locals I met at the hotel where I could score a good meal so I could have a great dinner that night. When it comes to getting a good meal, you can’t beat local advice – and that’s the premise behind Where The Locals Eat.


Top Eateries In Each State

Where The Locals Eat gives you easy access to the top 100 restaurants in the 50 largest US cities. Since these are where you are likely to be doing business, then this is a great place to find restaurants serving your favorite dishes. The site balances ‘lengthy surveys of serious diners and hopelessly hooked restaurant habitues with the opinions and extensive research of certified foodies’ to bring you the top choices and they are constantly being updated. You can search the site by city and distance to select a restaurant within walking distance of your hotel. Read more »

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