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Top 5 Fall Vacation Ideas

Here are our top 5 can’t-miss suggestions for fall vacations that truly capture the spirit of the season

The fall season can be a great time to take a trip, especially before winter arrives in the Northeast and Midwest United States. In these regions it’s a time to put on a sweatshirt and embrace the cooler temperatures, while enjoying the fruits of the fall harvest and the spooky visuals of Halloween.

There’s quite a bit to do while taking a fall vacation, depending on your interests. If you’re thinking of hitting the air this fall for a getaway, here are our top 5 can’t-miss suggestions for fall vacations that truly capture the spirit of the season:

  1. 1 Fall Foliage

    Each year, the changing of leaves from summer green to varying shades of fall yellow, orange and red paints the Northeast and Midwest with dazzling colors that are a joy to behold. Foliage trips are a popular pastime all over these regions, especially upstate New York and throughout New England; whether you end up in Vermont or Connecticut hardly matters. Spend a weekend in the country at a quaint bed & breakfast, where you can spend your days taking walks among the natural splendor, and your soul will be nurtured.

  2. 2 Ghost Tours

    October is all about the thrills and chills of Halloween, so if your passions tend to skew toward the supernatural, a trip focused on area ghost tours can be a fall vacation dream. Many towns and cities now feature tours of purportedly haunted places, as well as night tours of graveyards and special events at historic sites with gruesome histories. The Northeast is a natural choice for this kind of travel—the region is home to places like Sleepy Hollow and Salem, Mass.—but a little research will most likely reveal spooky attractions pretty much anywhere you go.

    If you prefer going South, consider flying into Richmond, VA and visiting Williamsburg, VA for Ghost Walks and Tours throughout Colonial Williamsburg.

  3. 3 Harvest Tours

    Fall is the traditional time of the harvest, which carries on throughout the season through Thanksgiving, after which winter begins creeping in. Thus, fall is a wonderful time to visit orchards, groves and farms, where you can often pick your own fruit, enjoy seasonal food products like cider and cider doughnuts, and maybe even go on a hayride or two. Apple and pumpkin picking are perennial favorites in many places, and both make for a great day outside, surrounded by fall scenery. Whether you are looking to entertain a family of small children or enjoy a romantic weekend, this is a surefire fall vacation option.

  4. 4 Hiking Trips

    The natural wonder of the fall woods, paired with the cooler temperatures, make for the ideal time to go hiking. Whether you’re only interested in a day excursion, or if you’re game for an extended, multi-day hiking/camping voyage, fall is the time to do it. Consider exploring the Adirondack, Green or Appalachian Mountains, choosing trails that are suitable for your desired level of difficulty. It is an unconventional fall vacation that you will remember forever.

  5. 5 Antiquing

    If you’ve ever watched American Pickers and started to drool, then a fall weekend spent antiquing is most likely your idea of paradise. Many small towns are chock-full of vintage and antique stores, so set up base camp at a local bed & breakfast and then get busy shopping. You never know what you’ll find, which is half the fun, but remember: Christmas is coming right on the heels of fall. In addition to whatever treasures you find for yourself, these quaint stores might also have perfect unique holiday gifts, which can save you the time and hassle of mall shopping back home. Just make sure that when antiquing, you can carry it all home with you! Visit our page on ways to avoid overweight luggage fees!

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