Frequently Asked Questions

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Please note: LAX, Fort Lauderdale, San Diego, Ontario and New Orleans parking locations are permanently closed.

All Park ‘N Fly locations are open 24/7.

Additional Info:

Atlanta Plus is no longer offering direct Shuttle Service to the International Terminal at this time. Plane Train from Domestic to International is accessible at the airport.

Do Park ‘N Fly locations take cash?

How To Enter and Exit with Reservation

I pre-paid my parking and have had to extend my trip. How do I pay for the additional days?

I cannot reserve my parking on the website

How do I cancel my reservation?

How do I modify my reservation?

Where can I purchase Gift Cards?

I was charged twice after exiting the parking facility. How do I get a refund?

Prepaid Multiple Reservations

Special Web Rates

Why is there an added “booking fee” when I reserve online?

How do I receive credit for my past stay(s)?

Lost or Never Received Confirmation

How do I get preferred parking?

Costco Coupon Not Redeemed

Will my award days expire?

Award Day Calculation

Why do I get charged for a full day for the time I stay past my reservation when I only stay a few hours over?

When should I expect to receive my refund?

Is my credit card information secure?

I have forgotten my password and have requested a new one to be sent to me, but I have not received this in my e-mail. What do I do?