Travel Timesavers You Can’t Afford to Ignore

The top 5 travel timesavers you can’t afford to ignore.

Even a quick non-stop flight can turn into an all-day affair when you calculate in clogged roadways, airport parking, long check-in lines and security checkpoints. Fortunately, there are a few tips and tricks to help trim down your travel time. Here are the top 5 travel timesavers you can’t afford to ignore.

Travel During Off-Peak Hours

While early morning and late night flights are less appealing, they are usually less crowded and less likely to be delayed. By traveling during off-peak hours, you'll spend less time sitting in traffic, and the airline check-in and security lines should also be much shorter, too.

Print Your Boarding Pass at Home

Most airlines offer early check-in through their website or an app, even allowing you to print your boarding pass at home or in your hotel’s business center. If you need to check baggage, consider the self-service kiosks that are popping up everywhere, and save yourself the hassle of waiting in yet another line.

Reserve Your Parking Spot Online

Why spend precious time circling the lot trying to find parking, or walking a half mile to the terminal, when you can reserve your spot online ahead of time? ParkRideFly provides offsite airport parking at most major airports and allows you to book a spot in advance. Their curb-to-curb shuttle service is on-demand, so you’re never left waiting, and they offer the best available discount rates.

Skip the Accessories

To save time at airport security, dress in minimal layers and limit your accessories. Hats, scarves, belts, jackets and metal jewellery will all have to be removed, so stash them in your carry-on or leave them at home. Make sure your laptop and other electronics, as well as any liquids, are readily accessible and easily re-stowed. And don’t forget to wear slip-on shoes.

Sign-up for TSA PreCheck

If you’re an eligible frequent flier, TSA PreCheck may very well be worth the initial time outlay and added expense. The online application process takes just a few minutes and is followed by a 10-minute in person background check at your local enrolment center. It costs most passengers an average of $85 for a 5-year membership and TSA reports it cuts wait time down to less than 5 minutes.

Looking for More Travel Tips?

In addition to providing discount airport parking across the U.S., Park Ride Fly offers expert tips for air travelers. Check out 5 Ways to Avoid Overweight Luggage Fees, or follow our 10 Tips to Prevent Jet Lag. To reserve your airport parking spot in advance, pre-book online or call (866) 922-PARK.

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